Kid Review: Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

June 29th, 2008  |  by  |  Published in FunBlog, Reviews By Kids

Fairchild Garden is a beautiful place to visit during your vacation. They have many gardens as well as a wide variety of helpful volunteers and workers. At the visitor’s center (gift shop) you can buy stuffed animals, flashlights, bags, cool sun hats, books, and much more. Once outside the visitor’s center you get a view of the enormous gardens. If you walk along the green, you will find the “tram station” where you can relax and listen to a tour of the gardens. The tram also drops by a cafeteria in the gardens where you can get a snack if you are hungry.

One of my favorite sections of the gardens in Fairchild is the secret “sunken garden”. Inside you can relax and listen to the steady pitter-patter of water. Once we even saw some crabs come out of their holes!

Fairchild has a beautiful butterfly garden with all kinds of butterflies with different shapes and colors. Some examples are monarchs, zebra longwings, and owl butterflies. If you are still enough, a butterfly may even land on you!

The garden also has a rain forest that features many tropical plants and man-made waterfalls. With all the trees hanging over you, you feel you’re in a mystery full of adventure. It is easy to daydream and lose track of the time.

A greenhouse at Fairchild is the best place to take pictures and smell the plants. Some times there is a fruit smoothie stand right outside! What is better than a nice, cold smoothie on a hot summer day?

Coming up on July 12-13, there is going to be a Mango Festival. So you mango lovers, be sure not to miss it!

Enjoy your visit to Fairchild and don’t forget to tell them you saw it on Miami Fun Guide!!!

Find out more information about Fairchild Garden and view the Photo Gallery in the Miami Fun Guide directory of attractions.

Don't forget to tell them you saw it on Miami Fun Guide!

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