Miami Beach Rides DECO Bikes

April 27th, 2011  |  by  |  Published in FunBlog

Miami Beach isn’t just green; it’s lean. Anyone visiting the city will tell you people here are fitness-maniacs. It’s also lean on space. Parking can be a nightmare, especially if you get towed, and a short trip to your favorite spot can become as gut-wrenching as 50 crunches if parking your car takes longer than driving to your destination. So what is a time-strapped?tourist or?local resident to do? Enter DECOBIKE, the official City of Miami Beach bike sharing and rental program. For about $10 you can rent a bike for two hours; $15 gets Florida residents a monthly pass. The fee is much less if you just need the bike for a quick ride somewhere, say the gym. We tried DECOBIKEs?and give them two thumbs up. The ride was smooth, and the bike frames were big enough for my big man but not too big for my petite body. I especially like that they come with a large basket. There are plenty of convenient stations where you can pickup and return bikes. The system had some trouble identifying which bikes were at the station, and we weren’t able to get a receipt, but overall we had a good experience. Right now the bikes (1000 of them!) are stationed mostly in South Beach, but plans include extending access around Middle Beach and North Beach too. Check DECOBIKE out at? Enjoy the ride!!

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