FREE ? Over 100 FREE books, and 7 FREE movies

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FREE ? Over 100 FREE books, and 7 FREE movies

FREE ? Books
FREE ? E-Books
FREE ? Audio Books
FREE – Movies

FREE 14 books written by Chuck Smith.

To read these books you must have ?Adobe Reader? which can be downloaded for FREE from:

The fourteen books are:
?Answers for Today?
?Calvary Chapel Distinctives?
?Calvinism, Arminianism & The Word of God?
?Charisma vs Charismania?
?Comfort For Those Who Mourn?
?Effective Prayer Life?
?Living Water?
?The Claims of Christ?
?The Gospel According To Grace?
?The Philosophy of Ministry of Calvary Chapel?
?What the World is Coming To?
?Why Grace Changes Everything?
?The Final Curtain?

FREE ? Listen to Pastor Chuck Smith teach through the entire Bible.

FREE ? 7 Movies pluss video’s:
Put your pointer over the words ?Watch Us?, a drop down menu will appear and then you click on ?Video Gallery. You can watch online or download to your hard drive for later or repeat viewing the following movies.

?The Omega Code? (100 minutes)
?Megiddo ? The Omega Code 2? (106 minutes)
?The Revolutionary? (51 minutes)
?The Revolutionary II? ( 52 minutes)
?Carman ? The Champion? (90 minutes)
?Carman ? Mission 3:16 (120 minutes)
?Carman ? Hymns? (59 minutes)
?The Emissary? (57 minutes)
?More Than a Carpenter (57 minutes)
?Too Young to Die? (58 minutes)
?Angles ? Miraculous Messengers (118 minutes)
?To Hell and Back? (88 minutes)
?The China Cry? (137 minutes)
and other video?s.

FREE ? 59 Bibles, 15 Commentaries, 13 dictionaries, PLUS FREE books:
?Absolute Surrender? by Andrew Murray
?All of Grace? by Charles H. Spurgeon
?Antiquities of the Jews? by Flavius Josephus
?Concerning Christian Liberty? by Martin Luther
?Fox?s Book of Martyrs? by John Fox
?In His Steps? by Charles Sheldon
?Institutes of the Christian Religion? by John Calvin
?Systematic Theology? by Charles G. Finney
?The Complete Writings of E. M. Bounds on Prayer?
?The Deeper Christian Life? by Andrew Murry
?The Imitation of Christ? by Thomas E. Kepmis
?The Practice of the Presence of God? by Brother Lawrence
?The Pursuit of God? by A. W. Tozer
?The Training of the Twelve? by A. B. Bruce
?Wars of the Jews? by Flavius Josephus
and many more. All this and much more can be found at:

Tired of reading and watching videos? How about giving your eyes a rest and just listening to a few books. The MP3 books can be found at the ?Christian Classics Ethereal Library:

There are 38 books that you can download and listen to. among my favorite books are?
?Power Through Prayer? by Edward M. Bounds
?Holy War? and ?Pilgrim?s Progress?
by John Bunyan (1628-1688)
?Practice of the Presence of God: The Best Rule of Holy Life?
by Brother Lawrence (1605-1691)
?With Christ in the School of Prayer?
by Andrew Murry (1928-1917)
?George Mueller of Bristol And His Witness to a Prayer-Hearing God?
by Arthur Tappan Pierson
?In His Steps?
by Charles Monroe Sheldon (1857-1946)
?Imitation of Christ?
by Thomas a Kempis

Salvation is FREE, and so are many other things.


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